Monday, 14 May 2012

Use your hoop!

I must admit I have a bit of an obsession with old sewing memorabilia including old wooden cotton, labels, buttons and especially embroidery hoops. Whenever i come across old wooden hoops in a charity shop i cant help but pick them up! i now have quite a collection and I was inspired to use some of the hoops as frames for my bird prints.I have also added some hand embroidered text of the birds song. I love the idea of taking something and giving it a new sense of purpose and I think the circular shape of the hoops look great clustered together on a wall to create a striking yet simple feature. If you have any old hoops that are gathering dust why not create some art with any old scraps of fabric that you love? 
I mustn't get to carried away though as I still need to leave some hoops free to complete all of my embroidery projects! 

Lucy Alice Bird Hoops will be available to buy online soon!

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