Thursday, 14 June 2012

Ooo thats new...Spring/Summer Greetings Cards!

This is my new collection of greetings cards inspired by urban wildlife from around the United Kingdom. Characters included on the cards include A Hasty Hare and The Pacing Pheasant plus the limited edition Darling Daffodils card. The cards feature a fresh summery colour palette, geometric pattern inspired by old fashioned embroidery techniques and patterns found in both urban and rural areas. 

The cards will be available to buy at The Harley Gallery Craft Shop as part of the curated 'Creature Feature' exhibition beginning on June 20th.


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A sunny day at The Harley Gallery and Rufford Park.

This weekend I visited my Sister up in Nottinghamshire and hand delivered stock to The Harley Gallery for their next showcase 'Creature Feature' in conjunction with the solo exhibition 'Menagerie' by Susan Bryne. Susan creates fascinating ceramic animal sculptures full of pattern and print, inspired by childhood imagination and storytelling. I cant wait to visit the exhibition myself!

During the exhibition a selection of my work will be available to buy in the shop as part of the animal inspired showcase. Cushions, cards, brooches and home wares will be available from my wildlife inspired collection!

Press quote: ''Craft to make you feel like the cat that got the cream.  Enjoy some animal magic with this gaggle of glorious work, with jewellery sparkly enough for any magpie and handmade home wares to help you feather your nest'' 

The exhibition runs from 20th June - 12th August 2012. The gallery is situated in Welbeck, Worksop, Nottinghamshire. Please visit the Harley Gallery website for more information:

Whilst at the gallery we had a look round the current exhibition 'Beastly Machines' by Johnny white. Johnny creates kinetic and interactive animal sculptures full of buttons to press, levers to pull and handles to turn. His sculptures are influenced by current affairs and and plays on words, all brought to life through humorous, whimsical creatures. These included a pig with wings, a bird on a bike and two bulls rowing a boat with little pulsing hearts! The sculptures really made us laugh, they really were brilliant and they had my 11 month year old Niece really belly laughing as she watched them move!  

We also visited the nearby Rufford Park, here are a few snapshots! It was such a lovely day!