Friday, 1 February 2013

January Round Up

Pinch Punch First Of The Month.
I cannot believe January 2013 has been and gone already!

I can't say January has been a very exciting month non the less I got my website up and running and the first draft of my business plan completed. It has been a month of paperwork, organising and planning which is always important...yawn.

The first step to the shiny new year was to give the studio a big clean up. I moved in back in October 2012 right in the midst of shipping out Christmas orders and straight after I launched at Top Drawer. It was a mess from the onset and I never really got to make my mark on the place! I have given it a good clean up now and Im looking forward to get back to work on the designing and making side of things this month. In the next few months I hope to make the studio a real hub of inspiration and activity.

The old very jam packed studio in our spare room...

The new studio (looking rather bland at present!) 

Ow and here I am in said studio...! Hello!

I have also been preparing a plan of action for the next few months deciding which shows and online selling platforms I want to apply for, which new products I would like to launch and most importantly ways of keeping motivated by having monthly goals! The first event to prepare for is the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate which I am really looking forward to, but (as always) have so much to plan!

And along side everything else it is 2013 which means this is the year I am getting MARRIED! eeek!

Also a big thank you to Alice @ Alice Studio who interviewed me this month and placed it up on her blog. Alice has created a hub for new business start ups and offers some great advice and inspiration for new entrepreneurs. Defiantly worth a look! 

Looking forward into February, I will be finalising my updated product range which will be shown at BCTF. I will also be attending the nail biting Princes' Trust Business Launch Group where I will be pitching my business plan, hopefully applying for funding and securing the help of my mentor for the next few years. 
January has gone so fast but it's great to look back and feel like you have achieved something! If anyone has any tips or tricks of how to stay organised and motivated during these cold, dark months please share! 
Now where's my onesie?

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