Sunday, 14 April 2013

My time at BCTF 2013

I think the dust has finally settled after my time in Harrogate at the British Craft Trade Fair. I made it home on Wednesday after a 6 hour drive home and a stop off to repair a puncture! phew!
Anyway I had a great time and found BCTF to be the most friendly and relaxed show that I have done.  It was so nice to be within the Yorkshire countryside, I just wish I had factored in more time to enjoy Harrogate. Saying that I did get to enjoy a gorgeous dinner in Betty's tea room with Mum!

It was my first time at BCTF so I wasn't sure what to expect and nor do I have anything to compare it to! Although I did take part in 'Spotted at TopDrawer' this show felt very different. I think the fact that TopDrawer was in September meant a lot more shops ordered at the show in order to get stock in time for Christmas. It was also nice to meet so many gallery owners at BCTF and owners of smaller independent shops. It was great to have such a a big emphasis on items being handmade in Britain and also so many people were interested to find out that my products are made using reclaimed materials (something that I am now going make sure I put on my packaging). 
The show was fairly quiet at times but I am happy to have gained a new stockists and to have been invited to take part in a few exciting exhibitions (more information to come soon!).

I think the main thing I have taken away from the show is feedback and also I always feel like the shows give me a chance to step back and reflect on my work from a different angle. It is easy to get stuck in a rut when you work for yourself, coming to these shows opens your eyes and I love meeting all the people that doing so well within their own crafts, it really is inspiring! 

I am excited for the year ahead and I am glad that my new products gained such postive feedback at the show. In the next few weeks I hope to concentrate on sending out the outstanding orders and revamping my Etsy shop. I still haven't got to grips with selling online so lets hope I can crack it over the next few months! (ow and I still have a wedding to plan!)

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