Saturday, 3 January 2015

This was 2014...

A Year in Pictures.

2014 was a funny year for Lucy Alice Designs as January began with Phoebe still only being 10 weeks old! I said to myself that 2014 would be the year that I make the break into full time self employment and learn as much as I could about business and that silly thing called work life balance. I am happy to say that I think I have achieved the first two, the latter is an urban myth...

Reflecting on this year has been very therapeutic, not only being able to look back and see my little girl grow but I am amazed at how much I managed to grow the business whilst multi tasking with a small person! If you can dream it you can do it!!! (even when your cardigan is covered in baby snot and you don't know what day it is) 

Business highlights included:

  • Being Interviewed by Making Magazine
  • A successful 2nd time appearance at The British Craft Trade Fair
  • Becoming a partner on Not On The High Street
  • Graduating from the School For Creative Starts Ups Course
  • Lots of lovely new stockists & opportunities
  • Quitting my Day Job!!!!
  • Organising the 'Flock' Pop Up Shop with a group of wonderful ladies 
  • My Mum & Dad retiring and 'joining' the Lucy Alice team! 
  • A November & December trading at a number of fabulous markets & meeting lots of lovely fellow makers.

I was going to sum up the year with words however if I am honest it went by in one big blur. Little sleep, lots of learning curves and plenty of change! There have been ups and downs and lots of wobbles but I am thankful to all of you for reading this and helping me make 2014 as successful as It could be!

So here is Lucy Alice Design's year 2014 in pictures... 


 Maternity Leave and These two.


1. Photoshoot with Holly Booth Photography 2. Phoebe turned 4 months. 3. Daddy's birthday and her first swim. 4. Received lots of beautiful product photos from Holly. 


1.Gru my cat, inspiration for my best selling necklace. 2.First Mother's Day lunch 3.We said Hello to Phoebe's new cousin Fred. 4. I stepped back into business at Appleducks in Tunbridge Wells.  


1. BCTF Trade show in Harrogate 2. My trade show assistant at 6 months. 3.The Last S4CS seminar. 4. Massive order of brooches for a gala dinner. 


1. Wedding season begins, custom stationery orders 2. Lots of time in the garden 2.MakeGood Festival in London. 4. The aftermath of BCTF, So thankful for all the trade orders.


1. Studio Sample Sale 2. Thankful to be back with Phoebe after a manic May! 3. Summer brights arrived. 4. S4CS graduation, my lovely classmates.


1. Made it into Making magazine!  2.Lots of picnics 3.Ran my first Facebook sale! 4. Updated the website.


August = time out! 
1. Family holiday to Dorset. 2. Me & Harry celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary. 3. Paris with the Uni girls 4. A surprisingly tidy studio.


1. My first lot of Not On The High Street orders 2. Mum & Dad retire and come and help! 3. Christmas comes early! 4. Bristol Uni reunion.


1. Flock Pop Up Shop interior. 2. Flock Pop Up Exterior 3.New ideas & limited editions. 4. Phoebe turns 1!   


1. lots of stock making and new designs. 2.Phoebe learns to walk. 3.The studio is in overdrive! 3. Experimenting with Screen Printing.

1. Emporia Pop Up Shop 2. Flock at the Posh Christmas Market Folkestone. 2. The Fairytale Fair at Brighton's Open Market 3. The Harley Gallery Christmas Market


1. The Fairytale fair at Brighton Racecourse. 2. Phoebe helping with the orders. 3, Thankful for all the Black Friday online sales! 4. Farnham Maltings Christmas Market.

Merry Christmas! 

2015 will be the first year that I will be concentrating on Lucy Alice Designs as a full time venture and heading to the studio 4 days a week at 9am! It is scary when I think of it as a make or break year but I am so excited to push my business to its full potential. 

In 2015 I hope to bring this blog back to life and bring you all advice, inspiration, interviews and news! 

Happy New Year you lovely lot! 


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