Thursday, 5 February 2015

Just A 'Valentine's Day' Card

With one of the years biggest card swapping events of the year just round the corner, I thought I would share a wonderful campaign with you called 'Just A Card' led by the designer Sarah Hamilton.

Sarah explains that she started the campaign after hearing this quote from a shopkeeper who had recently closed her gallery... 

“If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought just a card we’d still be open.”

The simple act of bypassing the big retailers and buying even just one single card from an independent shop, gallery or designer/maker can really help keep their small businesses going. 
By supporting the small local business we can keep our high streets alive, strong and exciting! 

Support the campaign by being mindful with your shopping choices and spread the word on social media with #justacard. 

Find out more here:

Here 5 Valentine's Day inspired cards from some very talented independent designers to inspire you! Take a trip to your local independent gallery shop and find some lovely original cards to give to your loved ones this luuurrrve day! 

1. 'You & Me' by Stephanie Cole.

2. 'Fox Love' By Nicola Rowland 

3. 'Quilt Hog' by Mister Peebles 

4. 'Happy Palentine's Day' By Angela Chick

5. 'I Love You So Much I Could Burst' By Sarah Ray

Plus a couple from me!

Please share this wonderful campaign and think before you buy!

Thank you! 

Lucy :)